Meanwhile... Jarl and Rebun are still on their journey to Mordor, they are sleeping by a cliff when suddenly something appears on top of the cliff.... It later appears to be.... Báecol

"The thieves! The thieves! The flithy little thieves! Where isss it? They stole it from us. My bacon-preciousss.

Báecol crawls closer...

"Curse them! We hates them. It's ours, it is... And we wants it!

Jarl and Rebun then wake up and get in a fight with Báecol... Báecol jumps on top of Jarl and tries to grab the Baconstrip when he gets pushed to the floor and has a sword to his throat

"This is Bacon Sting. You've seen it before, haven't you.... Gollum! Release him or i'll cut your throat!" Jarl says about to kill Báecol

Báecol jumps back and begins crying softly as the scene then follows Báecol getting dragged with the two hobbits with an elvish rope around his neck

"It burns! It burns us like bacon! It freezes! Nasty elves baked it. Take it off us!" Báecol screams

"Quiet you!" Rebun yells as he pulls the rope making Báecol fall down on his back making him cry

"It's hopeless! Every Bac in Mordor's going to hear this racket! Let's just tie him up and grill him" Rebun says

"No! That would kill us! Kill us!" Báecol yells in pain

"It's no more than you deserve!" Rebun yells

"Maybe he does deserve to be grilled, but now that i see him, i do pity him" Jarl says quietly

Báecol then begins begging "We be nice to them if they be nice to us! Take it off us. We swears to do what you wants. We swears"

"There's no promise you can make that i can trust." Jarl says

"We swears not to grill the masters of the baconstrip. We swears on... On the precious... BACUM BACUM!

"The baconstrip is treacherous. It will hold you to your word." Jarl says

"Yes.... On the preciousss... On the preciousss..."

"I don't believe you!" Rebun says as he begins attacking Báecol, Báecol climbs up but Rebun tries to pull him down

"Rebun!" Jarl yells

"He's trying to grill us! We let him go and he'll grill us in our sleep!" Rebun yells angrily

Báecol lies panting and holding his throat

"You know the way to mordor?" Jarl asks

"Yes..." Báecol says as he nods

"You've been there before?" Jarl asks

"Yes..." Báecol says as he nods his head again

Jarl takes the bacon rope off Báecols neck... Báecol seems to be suprised and relieved

"You will lead us to the bacon gate..." Jarl says quietly

Báecol begins making his way towards the backn gate as the two hobbits follow

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