CONTINUED: The battle of Bacon-Hen part 2

Ddefinitivo fights his way towards AwesomeHydra999 

AwesomeHydra keeps fighting off the horde when suddenly alot of Baco-nai run towards him.

RUN! RUN! DON'T LET THEM GRILL YOU! AwesomeHydra999 yells as Didn'tMangleBeheadYou shows up with a bacon bow in hand slowly walking towards AwesomeHydra999

Didn'tMangleBeheadYou takes aim though, AwesomeHydra999 doesn't notice Didn'tMangleBeheadYou as he keeps fighting. He then gets hit by the arrow flying in his chest. He looks around suprisingly he keeps fighting as Didn'tMangleBeheadYou takes aim again

AwesomeHydra999 notices Didn'tMangleBeheadYou but before he could dodge the bacon arrow he gets hit again as he falls to his knees. He gets up and keeps fighting struggling when he gets hit by another arrow he falls down to his knees and looks at FuzzyFuzzbear and Night Guard.

FuzzyFuzzbear and Night Guard watch in horror as they run towards the Baco-nai but get scooped off their feet and get taken away by the group of Baco-nai HYDRA! they both yell

The Baco-nai run past AwesomeHydra999 as Didn'tMangleBeheadYou moves closer now standing in front of Hydra. Hydra looks up at Didn'tMangleBeheadYou as watching Mangle taking aim.

Before Mangle shoots he gets tackled by Ddefinitivo and start fighting. Ddefinitivo stabs Didn'tMangleBeheadYou in the knee but then gets headbutted and thrown away, Mangle throws his shield towards Ddefinitivo though it misses his head but holds him in place Didn'tMangleBehead you then tries to chop his head off but Ddefinitivo ducks and stabs Mangle again.

Ddefinitivo then chops Mangle's arm off with a sharp bacon knife as Mangle moves closer trying to behead him. Ddefinitivo quickly chops Mangle's head off killing him. He then rushes towards AwesomeHydra999

"They took the little ones..." AwesomeHydra999 says quietly as Ddefinitivo tries to stop the bleeding

Jarl? Where is Jarl?! AwesomeHydra999 says quietly

I let Jarl go... Ddefinitivo says

Then you did what i could not.... I tried to take the baconstrip from him.... AwesomeHydra999 says quietly

The baconstrip is beyond our reach now Ddefinitivo says trying to help AwesomeHydra999

Forgive me..... I did not see... I have failed you all... AwesomeHydra999 says weakly about to die

No Hydra. You fought bravely. You have kept your honor of protecting the baconship. Ddefinitivo says trying to bandage him

Leave it! It is over... The wikia will fall and all will come to darkness of Jillips..... And my threads to ruin Ddefinitivo.... AwesomeHydra999 says

I do not know what strength is in my bacon juicy blood... But i swear to you... I will not let the best RPs ever fall, nor the innocent people of the wikia.... Our RPs.... Our RPs....  AwesomeHydra999 says not finishing his words as Ddefinitivo gives AwesomeHydra999 his sword

I would have followed you, my brother.... My captain.... My admin.... AwesomeHydra999 says as he dies....

Be at peace, son of the wikia.... Ddefinitivo says as Good Demopan and SalamanderCmndr show up all 3 looking at AwesomeHydra999's dead body

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