Scene: BACONGARD (Isengard)

  • the scene starts with the camera moving up the great bacon tower of Bacongard showing Mark Twain trapped in the top of it. A small piece of bacon floats towards him, Twain catches it and whispers some words*

"I'm going to eat you... I'm going to eat you... I'm going to eat you... Bake!" He then throws the baconstrip away as the camera moves down the tower towards ruined baconlands of Bacongard

The scene shows numerous Bacs (orcs) working on bacon weapons and equipment. Bacon juice pours into casts and Bacon getting beaten to create dangerous bacon weapons. Bacon666 appears and looks around the place he then walks towards a strange bacon covered place

It shows something covered in bacon. A big creature. The bacs try to get the bacon off as it reveals the very first Baco-nai called Didn'tMangleBeheadYou. Didn'tMangleBeheadYou looks at a Bac and beheads it. Other Bacs try to stop Mangle but Bacon666 stops them and looks at Didn'tMngleBeheadYou smiling



Bacon666 is standing in his tower with Didn'tMangleBeheadYou in front of him

"Do you know how the Bacs first came to be?" Bacon666 asks

"They were Elves once... Taken by the dark powers... Grilled and baked... A ruined and terrible form of bacon life. And now, baconed. My fighting Baco-nai. Whom do you serve?" Bacon666 asks

"Bacon666...." Mangle says

Then a scene follows in which Didn'tMangleBeheadYou and other Baco-nai get equiped with special bacon armor and weapons

"Grill them and hunt them down! Do not stop untill they are grilled! You do not know getting eaten. YOU WILL TASTE MAN-FLESH!" Bacon666 yells as he then turns to Mangle

"One of the halflings carries a bacon of great value... Bring them to me... Un-grilled And unspoiled. Bake the others" Bacon666 says coldly

Then a scene follows Didn'tMangleBeheadYou leading 200 Bacon-nai out of Bacongard towards the Baconship

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