Jarl Tank (Frodo)

Rebun123 (Sam)

Mr. Mark Twain (Gandalf)

AwesomeHydra999 (Boromir)

Ddefinitivo (Aragorn)

Good Demopan (Gimli)

SalamanderCmndr (Legolas)

FuzyFuzzbear (Merry)

Night Guard of FNaF1234 (Pippin)


Meanwhile after a fight with things corrupted by evil

  • The baconship runs around in the Mines of Baconra*

"This way!" Twain yells

As they run around thousands of living minibacons crawl down the giant bacon pillars... They quickly surround the baconship looking and staring at them when suddenly.... A loud OINK can be heard throughout the Mines of Baconra. A shining fiery bacon looking color can be seen in the distance of the mines.... The minibacons quickly run away...

"What is this new devilry?" AwesomeHydra999 asks

Mark Twain closes his eyes he then opens them seconds after as epic music starts playing

"A Bacon Pig... A creature from the ancient grills... This bacon is beyond any of you. RUN!" Twain says as they run away

The baconship runs up some stairs and then stop.

"Lead them on Ddefinitivo" Twain says as Ddefinitivo hesitates. "Do as i say! Swords are no more use here" Twain says

They run towards a nearly destroyed stairway. The manage to toss half of the baconship across an endless chasm. Then the stairway collapses and the upper part crashes into the lower part. The other half of the baconship quickly jump as they all run away, the stairway collapses

They run into a hall of backn again. Fires that smell like bacon surrounds them as they keep running. Mark Twain looks back as the Bacon Pig reveals itself. A giant bacon looking pig... it OINKS loudly at the baconship. Mark Twain follows the others running away while being chases by the Bacon Pig.

"Over the bridge! Fly!" Mark Twain yells. They all make it across the long bridge but Mark Twain stops on the bridge. The Bacon Pig appears oinking once again

"You cannot pass!" Mark Twain yells "MARK!" Jarl Tank yells

"I am a servant of the secret Bacons, wielder of the flame of the grills! The dark bacon smell will not avail you Flame of Grillings!" Mark yells as he faces the Bacon Pig

The Bacon Pig begins making his way across the bridge spreading his smoking wings smelling like bacon.

"Go back to the grill!" Mark yells as the Bacon Pig attempts to crush Mark but Mark creates a bacon shield protecting him

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" Mark yells as the Bacon Pig comes closer

As the Bacon Pig makes his way towards Mark the bridge collapses making the Bacon Pig fall. Mark Twain stands up and walks away when suddenly... The Bacon Pig takes out his bacon whip and attempts to bring Mark Twain with him.

The whip curls around Marks leg making him hang onto the ledge

"TWAAAAIIN!" Jarl Tank yells

"..... Grill you fools!" Mark Twain says as he falls down the chasm

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Jarl Tank screams as they all run away outside the Mines of Baconra

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