Jillips = rekt and the tasty baconstrip....


The tasty baconstrip passed to Cuddles... Who had one chance to eat it and destroy it 4 eva

But the hearts of normal people are easily corrupted... And the bacon of power has a will of its own

  • shows scene of cuddles getting ambushed by Bacs! (Orks) Cuddles wraps the baconstrip around his finger and jumps into the water leaving him dead and the bacon... Gone...*

It betrayed cuddles to his death... And some things that should have not been forgotten were lost... History became legend, legend became myth...

And for 2 and a half thousand bacon years the tasty baconstrip passed out of all knowledge... Untill! When chance came, it ensnared a new human willing to smell the tasty baconstrip

"My precious..."

The baconstrip came to the creature Báecol, who took it deep into the "bacon smelling" tunnels of the grilling mountains.... And there, it consumed him.

"It came to me my own. My bacon. My bacon-smelling-preciousness"

The tasty baconstrip brought to báecol unnatural long life. For 500 bacon years it grilled his mind. And in the smell of Báecols bacon cave.... It waited

Bacon smell crept back into the forests of the world. Rumor grew of a famous shadow in the east... Whispers of a non-grilled fear. And the tasty bacon of power perceived... Its time has now come... It abandoned báecol "BYE HAVE A GREAT TIEM!"

But something happened the baconstrip did not intend... It was picked up by the most unlikely type of user ever imaginable...

"Huh? What's this?"

A casual user.... BilbooftheBaggins of the wikia...


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