(This one is a joek as wel Xd)

Written by: Tasty Baconstrip

Hi guys i'm here again to say sorry about what i said about twitch, since i posted my message saying all the spamming russians and rioters and emote spammers need to get out i have seen some shocking weird things. Emoticons are less used our overlord emote kappa isn't the most used anymore, the most used is..... Just.... Just the regular emotes it's horrible, less riots and boring chats it seems like twitch is dying (not really of course :D), shet i'm dead now what is going to happen to me? Is twitch kill? Did i kill twitch? Is it the illuminati? Is bacon illuminati? Am I illuminati? The truth is out there.... Spammers go spam, rioters go riot, emote spammers go spam emotes, donger spammers go spam lil' dongerinos, text spammers go text spam. SAVE TWITCH PLEZ.

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