Hello everyone, I want to share a really cool theory with you all :p

OKAY, we know how when we got the new teaser in the source code in it keeps repeating the number 87? The bite of 87. Now, here it is: Spring freddy caused the bite. Now I know what you are thinking, foxy or mangle or springtrap or something else cased the bite. I personally believed that before we got the teaser that it was mangle that caused the bite but just look at that sharp teeth on spring freddy! Also, you could be thinking that the spring suits were in fredbears family diner right? No, golden freddy is fredbear, but fredbear and spring freddy are not the same thing! Springtrap is has FIVE fingers, we're golden freddy only has FOUR! And if you look at the new teaser, you can see that the new "spring freddy" animatronic has five fingers, implying that he was a spring suit. Now, in FNAF 3, phone guy mentions a sister location right? Now this is what I think: Spring freddy and springtrap were at the sister location during 1987 at the same time as FNAF 2! Imagine this: fazbear entertainment was a big company, but when the murders happened at fredbears the company thought, "hey let's make toy animatronics!" But, one half of the company did not agree, so they split and they each had their own restaurants. One with the toys suits, and one with the springs suits. Now, for some reason spring Freddy accidentally bit a child/adult (most likely an adult) and they they had to shut down. The one half of the company with the spring suits went bankrupt with all the people suing them. The other half (the one with the toys) did not go bankrupt because they split before all of this happened, and this eventually leads to FNAF 1. Now this is what I think will happen in FNAF 4. Now Because The bite victim was bit in the head they had very servier brain damage, they are imagining lots of spring freddy heads on spring freddy because of its sharp teeth and because they remember when spring freddys head was going to bite down on them. This also explains why in the new teaser it says "NIGHMARE". Because you are having nightmares about what happened that day.

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look at that sharp teeth.


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