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    New Youtube Channel!

    March 29, 2015 by Superbriex3

    Hey fellow FNaF players! I just wanted to say that I have created a new channel on Youtube; dedicated to theories, reviews, and commetary on games, movies, T.V. shows and series, music, etc. Anyways, just wanted to put out there that the first video is a FNaF theory video and I'm hoping to put it up by Easter break! If you'd like to post some suggestions for my research for the new video, please feel free to comment what you'd like to see in my first theory video. I've been thinking about Golden Freddy lately; because I have an interesting thought that might intrigue you guys... But, you'll have to wait til' the video to find out what. Anyways thanks for reading, and hopefully you guys will enjoy the future video! -Super Brie

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