I am starting to think that Phone Guy in the recordings of FNAF 3 (NOT Phone Dude, but the one in the recordings that were found) and the one from FNAF 1 are different. The reason why I think they are different is because in FNAF 1, he ends up getting killed, but in the third one, he mentions that safety rooms were going to be sealed off and to never be spoken about again. The walls would have been up before Mike started working there, but, if we are right to say that Purple Guy died in the suit when it was abondoned, how long did it take for the restaurant to open, and how did anyone find out about the Springtrap incident? Remember, Springtrap was found in a safe room behind a wall, so =o one but the builders knew about it the room. The restaurant in FNAF 2 was to be closed, so the phone guy couldn't make training messages. Th only conclusion that I can think of was that Mike had been working there for a while and the five days that we played were his last days there before he got fired, but why play the messages if he already knew that the animatronics would try to stuff him into a suit? He could have tried to figure out if there was any secret message or something, but then agan, maybe not. I don't have any answers, and these are just ideas that I thought about.

If the messages are true, and that there were more than one Fazbea restaurant, then that would explain two Phone Guys instead of one, which is what I think happened, unless the phone guy was the phone guy at another location after FNAF 2 and then transferred to the location in FNAF 1.

Edit: After listening to the messages again, I realized the walls were not mentioned until night five, so I admit my theory is wrong.

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