Okay so me, Neona, and Mr. Endo were fooling around with some contraption shit Mr. Endo made. Neona and Mr. Endo stood in front of it and I pushed a button and dere was a bunch of smoke!1! I looked and saw Neona and Mr. Endo's bodies have now been intertwined (like Mangle, but WORSE). I looked for a way to fix this new Mr. Neona thing when Ultimate Sanic ran up to meh.

"yo!" I was liek.

"Yo, you can fix Mr. Neona by proving urself worthy to THE LORD OF ASS!" he was all up about n shit.

I brought this Mr. Neona shit on a journey with me to this LORD OF ASS. Yeah, you have to say THE LORD OF ASS a weird voice. On da way we stopped at a bar and saw Likebro and Pable getting drunk as shit. Mr. Neona went to go say hi to Pable when he chucked a beer bottle at him. Mr. Neona screamed, cried, and ran off. Then Likebro was looking at my ass, I stabbed him with a fork. He still looked at my ass, I ate him.

I caught up with Mr. Neona as we headed to the lord of ass, oh im sorry, THE LORD OF ASS. We got there and we saw Pable again, Mr. Neona hid behind me scared.

Pable was all liek "u cannot enter >:("

I ate him too.

We enter THE LORD OF ASS's realm and saw Ultimate Sanic waiting dere. He walked up to Mr. Neona and stabbed him.

"Surprise!" He laughed.

I ate him aswell.

I walked up to THE LORD OF ASS's throne and saw a person sitting dere.

"dafuq u want?" she was all liek.

"Make Mr. Neona nawt so creepeh." I said n shit.

"Noe." she said.

I also ate her.

That was when I realized I was good at eating people, it was my profession. The power god had given me, maybe even the power almighty shrek gave me. That was when shrek came through the window and slapped my ass, he then took Mr. Neona's virginity-I mean, did I say that outloud? Now, he took Mr. Neona's ass.

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