So if you haven't been following up with my blog posts. I am making a fangame called Night Shift at Popcorn's. However, I have been using Blender for the animatronic models...and then Blender screwed them up. So to get to the gist, do any of you know a good modelling program to use for something like this? Because I am NOT going back to Blender, thats for sure!

Also, feel free to comment good modelling programs. But until then I am going to use Autodesk Inventor Pro. (2014 Version). Since I have used it in school and I have modeled Foxy and Chica in my free time ^^. (I'd love to show you guys, but since it is on my school computer I have to say I can't). 


It involves my fangame and two certain character's presence in the game- my first OC's actually (most of you should hopefully know who they are) Basically, I was thinking of not including her. I just think it will be weird to have my OC's in my own fangame. While none of my other OC's are present. And I also said no to having others OCs in the game.

So whatever you guys choose, this will chose the fate of two characters presence in the game...

Should Puppet the Pegasus and Rally Raccoon be present in Night Shift at Popcorn's?

The poll was created at 22:22 on April 26, 2015, and so far 3 people voted.


Big things are coming...

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