He is Fredbear!!!!!!!11111

Don't belive me? THIS IS MY THEORY:

It waz a beautiful day at Fredbear's Family Diner. Fredbear was shaking uncontrollably because he drinked too much Battery. His animatronic brains were screwed up because of the huge amount of sugar. Springtrap also know as S.PRINGLES was driving a truck. He accidently drived trough Family Diners wall and crashed into Fredbear. Fredbear was now a raging pile of parts. Purple Guy took him to hospital. Fredbear was patched up with small Freddy heads and glue. Fredbear requested a 5th finger so he could give the finger to Springtrap. Springtrap went full psycho after this and killed Purple Guy. Then he got into an asylum called Fazbear's Fright.

Fredbear started to drink so much beer that he turned yellow and dropped his middle fingers. HE IZ NOW GULDEN FREHDY! He also stopped eating and became so thin that people started think he is as a hallucination!


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