Five Nights At Freddys Easter Eggs!

I made a video to show you how to make you own Five Nights at Freddys Easter Egg! I also provide the template for making the vector image that you will cut out and stick on the easter egg before coloring. It seriously turned out to be a way cool Easter Egg Decorating idea. I first designed a vector image of Freddy in illustrator and created it so you could dye the easter egg either Yellow or Black and get cool results. I love making Five Nights at Freddys fan art with my kids, and they were mesmerized watching me draw Freddy on an Easter Egg, so I thought I would make a Youtube Easter Egg video. If you like FNAF an

d you celebrate Easter, then this is an Easter egg decorating idea you will definitely want to do! Enjoy!

File:Easter Egg Decals - Page 2.jpg

 This is the template for making your own. They are sized to 2 inches so they are ready to cutout and put on your easter egg. You can either dye or trace with permanent marker.

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