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  • StevenUniverse45

    Alright, here I'll cover FNAF 1 and 2. Here we go.

    Let's start with FNAF1. Of course, bla bla bla, kidnapping, bla bla bla, murders, bla bla bla, possession, bla bla bla, creepy costume heads and endoskeleton looking at you in the backstage.............. Wait, WHAT?! Oh it just got real. How do these things move? Hallucinations, something to do with the posssesions, even? Another thing to note, I don't think I've seen the backstagers and Bonnie looking at you in the same camera. We all know Bonnie is the only one who goes through the backstage camera. Of course, I'm not saying Bonnie himself is controlling the heads and the skeleton, but rather, I don't know, The Puppet? Maybe...

    This is a work in progress. It shall be worked on tomorrow. I …

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  • StevenUniverse45

    Five Nights At Freddy's Song - The Living Tombstone

    It's Been So Long - The Living Tombstone

    Die In A Fire - The Living Tombstone ft. EileMonty and Orko

    Survive The Night - Mandopony

    Noticed - Mandopony

    Just Gold - Mandopony

    The Show Must Go On - Mandopony

    Chica (Troll) - Mandopony

    It's Time To Die - DAGames

    I'm The Purple Guy - DAGames

    Not Here All Night - DAGames

    Break My Mind - DAGames

    Game Over - DAGames

    Welcome To Freddy's - Madame Macabre

    Showtime - Madame Macabre ft. MrCreepypasta

    Springtrap - Madame Macabre

    I'm Sorry - Madame Macabre

    Back Again - Groundbreaking

    The Bonnie Song - Groundbreaking

    No Strings - Groundbreaking

    Chica - Groundbreaking ft. PurpleRoselyn

    The Mangle - Groundbreaking ft. Nicole Gene

    Springtrap Finale - Groundbreaking

    The Foxy Song -…

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  • StevenUniverse45

    ERROR: Lost Everything. :(

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  • StevenUniverse45

    Here, I'd like to talk about some guy I found on the trollpasta wiki. You see, I was derping around on wikis, and then I see this--> . If you have read this and came back here, you will know that this guy is a total JERK to the wiki and it's viewers. "Making links to screamers," he said. "Damage as many things as you can," he said. Luckily, at the bottom, it said, in red letters: "USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST." He was banned. I don't see how he could really do anything, considering this account was already banned for life here, so, PROBLEM, THEDARKMASTER99? And, even funnier, it now says on his profile, and I quote, "BANNED LOL." He also said he did damage on a wiki that stayed there for 3 wee…

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  • StevenUniverse45
    1. bearstack. If you know what I'm talking about, you'll get it. Look it up if you don't get it.
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