Come one, come all, to the best FNAF Series Test you'll ever find. Take a seat and see if you can compete, to be the all knowing master of the FNAF series. (WARNING: Doesn't include FNAF4)


  1. If you can't answer it correctly, answer what you think is best, don't try and cheat off of others answers
  2. Don't go looking around for the answers, you should know all of these by heart if you're a real FNAF fan, unlike a lot of others here.
  3. I get to choose which answers I think are best, considering this is my test
  4. If you don't like how I chose, it's just a game :P

How to playEdit

There are 10 questions for each game, answer them all correctly, you're a smart pickle, answer at least half correct, you're smarter than the rest of the fanbase, answer only 5 correctly, you are the fanbase we all hate.



  1. What year does the game take place?
  2. Who does the player play as?
  3. How many animatronics are there?
  4. Is the Puppet present in the pizzeria?
  5. How many children are dead?
  6. What is the name of the supposed killer?
  7. What is the name of Phone Guy?
  8. Does Phone Guy die on Night 4?
  9. What is Golden Freddy?
  10. How many nights are there?


  1. Does the game take place before or after FNAF1?
  2. What year does the game take place?
  3. How many animatronics are there?
  4. Where did the Withered come from?
  5. Who is the victim of the bite?
  6. Who caused the bite?
  7. Who is the one that can shut down the animatronics in the minigames?
  8. Who is the child killed in Give Cake
  9. How many children get to be animatronics in the minigame Give Gifts, Give Life
  10. Who is that man smiling in the corner in Foxy's minigame?


  1. What is the timeline so far, only including the locations we've played at during the games?
  2. What is the entire timeline so far?
  3. Where was Springtrap first introduced?
  4. What are Shadow Bonnie, and Shadow/Purple Freddy?
  5. What year does the game take place?
  6. Where do the end of the night minigames take place?
  7. How many Freddy Fazbear Pizzerias have there been?
  8. Where does Stage 01 take place?
  9. Who is Phone Dude?
  10. Why is Phone Guy talking to us?


  1. ThatPersonDownYourStreet - 27
  2. SilenceOfAStatue - 26
  3. Another Random Wiki Guy - 25
  4. Forcer96 - 25
  5. LochNessOtter499 - 24
  6. The Ultimate Dude - 24
  7. Jimi56 - 24
  8. The TM4ster Foxer - 24
  9. PuffyMuffins - 24
  10. Aki~lucky - 23
  11. Adagio Dazzle 2.0 - 23
  12. SalamanderCmndr - 22
  13. Nick the Endoskeleton - 21
  14. Pink Freddy - 18
  15. Baconz1 - 16
  16. Azboy2004 - 15
  17. Thuyenthegreat - 14
  18. EnragementChildBalloonBoy - 000000000000000000000
  19. Springyboy - -10000000000000000000000000000000000000
  20. Waluigiofthegods - 13

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