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    FNAF Series Test

    June 16, 2015 by Squirto19

    Come one, come all, to the best FNAF Series Test you'll ever find. Take a seat and see if you can compete, to be the all knowing master of the FNAF series. (WARNING: Doesn't include FNAF4)

    1. If you can't answer it correctly, answer what you think is best, don't try and cheat off of others answers
    2. Don't go looking around for the answers, you should know all of these by heart if you're a real FNAF fan, unlike a lot of others here.
    3. I get to choose which answers I think are best, considering this is my test
    4. If you don't like how I chose, it's just a game :P

    There are 10 questions for each game, answer them all correctly, you're a smart pickle, answer at least half correct, you're smarter than the rest of the fanbase, answer only 5 correctly, you are …

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