65% are children that have no idea what the game is about but act like they do.

20% are people who know what the game is about but haven't played it.

10% are people who own the game but don't want to play it because they're too scared.

2.5% are people who know about the game and are people who have played the game.

1% are people who are complete pros at the game.

.5% are people who don't care what skill level they are, and just love the game and love to play it for fun.

I am in that 2.5%. Where are you?

(Chart available for viewing/download: )

EDIT: It's okay to be any percentage. Pick the one that fits you. And, to fit recent demands, I have added new precentages to the chart. Also, any 5%s are now 2.5%s. Feel free to change your label. It's your choice, after all. ALSO: Actual chart of the percentages! Now added on the bottom of the page.

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