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    Stop FNAF Fan Art

    March 15, 2015 by Sonic0207

    Hello everyone TODAY in FNAF history theres been a terrible incident with me and my bud coins 750 we noticed fanart your probably thinking whats wrong with fanart well there are rarely good fanart while the rest are bad and even innapropiate and I noticed that people are hating FNAF because of fan art that's bad espically who makes them I think the worst fanart is from sonic99rae she keeps drawing fnaf besides Sonic or other things but the first time I saw her fanart I thought its ok at first but after a day or 2 she drew the line by making her dating golden freddy and GOLDEN FREDDY ISNT REAL!!!!!! so people who also hate FNAF Fan Art join the coins75s club which is on his FNAF blog and help stop FNAF Artwork

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