So here's my theory, after reading all of the messages and going over everyone's ideas.One is, the purple guy is the night guard that switched to morning shift since it was stated that there were only two guards at the location. And we are going on the assumption that the animatronics are going after the security guards because they remind them of who killed them in the first place. So the guard who is switched to the morning, (and has had plenty of time to tinker with the animatronics in the first place) puts on a springtrap suit (while wearing a uniform), kidnaps the kids and kills them and stuffs them into the other suits. There is then an investigation where the morning guard is fired and then there's a sudden opening. And at the last birthday event when the animatronic suits have then been possessed by the children (and he is in a security uniform) where he is then bitten and his frontal lobe is gone (but he is still alive mind you). Then the phone guy says he'll be taking over Jeremy's shift...which is how we get phone guy in FNAF. And also how it debunks the theory that phone guy is the purple guy..because he DIES. The animatronics come after you in generally the same way, only they don't know how the spring trap works so they act like children and just forcefully try to stuff you in a suit. But Mike doesn't die he's just fired. Which after Freddy Fazbear closes the purple guy returns to disassemble the suits and when he does he's confronted with the dead children and he jumps into springtrap where he dies and the children are set free. But now spring trap is possessed and is trying to kill the guard in the new place who is none other than Jeremy! It makes sense because if purple guy had possessed springtrap any earlier it would cause the other animatronics not to try and kill the guard but to attack springtrap..right? AND Jeremy is the one who took over the purple guys job so he's got a grudge with the new guy therefore trying to kill him. THE END... thoughts anyone?

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