So... today, when my mom and brother brought up the conversation about my one cat, I felt a bit nervous. I asked if I could make a lost cat poster, and, after realizing that the city would just take them down (And what an asshole move that's got to be), I grew furious. Of course, it's me speaking out of grief, but I feel like that's just me being spit on, and being told "Your cat can't and should not be found." All I wanted was a good rest of the day, because today was my last day of school. But I guess that won't happen because my cat is gone. I have no idea where he is, and sure, four cats is a lot, but they are all my cats and I love them very much. What makes it worse is that my one cat is super friendly and can walk up to a person easily. If I have to hunt that person down and demand my cat back, I will. And, again, pardon my speaking out of being sick with grief, but I'll take him by force and with violence if necessary. I don't give a shit if I'm arrested and have to go to a detention center. I just want my cat back... Anyway, just concluding... take it easy in Fun & Games threads, and if I get hostile, just remind me gently.

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