I'm creating this crappy theory because

  1. I'm bored
  2. I want to create it before anyone else can
  3. I want to show that before anyone thinks of this theory and starts it up, it's not that good and can be debunked easily
  4. I'm bored
  5. Did I mention, I'm bored?
  6. I have a headache
  7. I'm keeping myself from writing my stupid fanfic and relieving stress
  8. I'm relieving stress because I have to do four days of performing for kids.

Okay, so the theory is... another good guy theory.



It's an easily debunkable theory of Springtrap being a "good guy."

What someone would probably (not) say: Well, he doesn't exactly lunge at you and kill you, unlike the other animatronics. He doesn't even get in your face entirely! Debunk: Then why is he the only animatronic in the game?

What someone would probably (not) say: But you're forgetting that there could be other animatronics that heard the sound and came to kill.

Debunk: Ahem. Have you listened to the phone calls? "Phone Dude" has said that they found an animatronic. Not multiple.

What someone would probably (not) say: He's just concerned for your safety.

Debunk: Seriously? 'The Purple Guy is in the Springtrap suit. 'Why would (the soul of) the Purple Guy be concerned for the player's safety? He's a murderer!

What someone would probably (not) say: He's peeking because he's worried.

Debunk: Nope. He's just in the blind spots, waiting to kill you. Also, don't you remember, the vents?

What someone would probably (not) say: He goes through the vents to clear out the air and check if you're okay.

Debunk: See the Purple Guy stuff.

What someone would probably (not) say: He can't speak; his voice gives you a heart attack.

Debunk: This is the same BS as the good guy theory from the first game. Why the hell would they hire a guard with heart problems?

What someoneone would probably (not) say: He comes in while the player is hallucinating because he wants to check on the player.

Debunk: Yeah, no. Why do you die then?

What someone would probably (not) say: Well if you're not saying it's the heart attack, then maybe the protagonist backs up and then falls and hits his head, thus giving the game over.

Debunk: NO.

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