Alright, I've seen quite a few fan theories about good ol' phone guy being the purple guy, but the other day after FNAF 3 was released, I thought about it, considering post-night minigames, the timeline in general, etc.

So, essentially what I came up with in the end basically eliminated the phone guy from being purple guy. In the original game, phone guy would give us phone calls each night, everyone knows that. Once all of the nights are over in FNAF 1 and the game ends, and this is when the post-night minigames occur in which the purple guy dismantles each animatronic.

Now, these minigames take place after the original FNAF, because the animatronics cannot be dismantled night after night if they are then attacking the player during the actual gameplay. Also, the scenery of the minigames show rats, leaks, and other deplorable conditions of the pizzeria, indicating that these minigames took place AFTER the first game occured. Now take into consideration that phone guy DIED on night 4 of the first game. If phone guy died on night 4, how could he be purple guy, and have dismantled each animatronic? So that basically eliminates phone guy from being purple guy, since he died on night 4, thus unable for him to do what he did in the post-night minigames in FNAF 3.

Sorry if my explanation didnt make any sense, be sure to comment what you think!

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