Apparently Scott updated the site

And besides the animatronic and hat, I saw the words The Final Chapter

And a release date. October 31st 2015.

While I'm a bit stoked about there being a film, do bear in mind that this is a reaction to the teaser image.

Needless to say, I'm a tad bit stoked, a tad bit disappointed. But, the only reason I'm now stoked is that there could finally be closure to some persisting theories that have been active since the very first game. The reason why I say I'm a tad bit disappointed is that, 3 games is what the series needs. I mean think about it! What if Scott intentionally left plot holes for you all to fill in? Instead of clamoring for sequel after sequel, you guys should theorize, educate yourselves by watching popular Game Theorists like The Game Theorists.

That's all I shall say for now.



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