First, Pick your Animatronic.

Second, Pick your Partner.

Whatever you pick, put them into the slots "Main" and "Partner".

One day at the "New" Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, "Main" Was walking around entertaining kids. Then "Partner" Ran through the Prize Corner, screaming.               "Main" says: "What the crap is going on?" and "Partner" says "The kids stole my Pizza!". "Main" sighs and you look for the stolen bit of pizza.                                You look around and find a peice of pizza stuck to B.B. "What the crud B.B?" "Main" asks. "I won't give it back till you get me a Shulk Amiibo for Smash 4." B.B Says in his annoying voice. "Main" sighs and punches B.B in the face, then goes looking for the Amiibo. You run down to the local Game Stop to see.....              "ALL SOLD OUT!?!" "Main" screams. "Main" picks up the store manager by the throat. "Well.. there is one way in the back. To get it you must do the ultimate test." He says. "Main" says "What is it?". He replies with "You must...... (Now Pick what you decide to do!)

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