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    Mangle's Gender

    May 26, 2015 by SamKitty

       Okay, so, I think Mangle is female. Why? 

    • Mangle appears in Ladies' Night. "But, Mangle is a balancer like Foxy in the Double Trouble preset so it isn't too easy!" Well, why not Foxy instead of Mangle? Also, Mangle is set at 20, like Chica and Toy Chica, while Foxy is set at Five.
    • Mangle wears Makeup. "But the other toys have makeup, including the males!" Well, have you noticed that Toy Chica's makep is more feminine than the male's makeup?  It's the same way with Mangle. Mangle has eyeshadow and lipstick. "But Toy Bonnie's makeup is feminine!" True, but not as feminine as the girls'. That is my weakest point.
    • PHONE GUY DOESN'T KNOW EVERYTHING. Sure, he knows a lot, but nobody knows everything. He didn't create the animatronics, did he? He'…
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