Alright, so it's generally accepted around here for various reasons that the animatronics we face in the game are possesed by the souls of vengeful children murdered by a psychopath who stuffed them into suits. Now, you guys know the laugh Freddy makes when he's out and about, right? It's a heavily edited version of a little girl giggling, you can hear the non-edited version here:

Now, I didn't put too much thought into this until I just got done watching this video of PewDiePie playing the game, and he and I both noticed that Freddy was hiding in the girls' bathroom.

At 8:16, one can see Freddy's eyes staring at the camera from within the female bathroom.

Now, I don't have any sort of agenda here, as I personally dislike genderbending/Rule 63, but I can't help but wonder if this is more than a coincidence. What are your thoughts, fellow FNaF fans?

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