• I live in Earth, Mutter's Spiral
  • My occupation is Superior robotic lifeform.
  • I am Male, I am a manly man who is manly.
  • RobotElectroJones

    Mike is actually really short IRL, so he takes the long shift at Freddy's to compensate for it. Also, since he's short, he needs to use a broom to press the buttons to check the lights and close the doors, and when you don't close a door fast enough and the buttons stop working, what happens isn't that the animatronics are "already in the room", they've just grabbed the broom from you so you're helpless against them.

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  • RobotElectroJones

    Alright, so it's generally accepted around here for various reasons that the animatronics we face in the game are possesed by the souls of vengeful children murdered by a psychopath who stuffed them into suits. Now, you guys know the laugh Freddy makes when he's out and about, right? It's a heavily edited version of a little girl giggling, you can hear the non-edited version here:

    Now, I didn't put too much thought into this until I just got done watching this video of PewDiePie playing the game, and he and I both noticed that Freddy was hiding in the girls' bathroom.

    At 8:16, one can see Freddy's eyes staring at the camera from w…

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