I climb atop my bike and quickly pedal along the sidewalk. The sweet spring air blows into my face, wafting the suttle smells of pizza along with it. I take in a big whiff, exhaling deeply in satisfaction.

As I near the pizzeria, I get excited as my stomach releases a howling grumble. I kick up the pace and pedal frantically into the smooth blacktopped parkinglot. I grab a lock and click it against the neck of my bike. 

Before walking inside, I check my pocket to make sure my money is still tucked inside safely."Good.", I mutter as my stomach begs for mercy. The smells are so strong I'm almost dizzy.

I push the door open and walk inside. I rub my feet on the star-sprinkled purple carpet and walk into the dining room. I'm dazzled by the bright yellow brick walls, and the long silver tables topped with long magenta cloth running through the middle. Small silver sequins are sprinkled along it, shaped like stars.

I pull out a metal chair and sit down. As soon as I sit, a waitress rushes my way.

"Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! I'm Alice, your server! What can I get you to drink?" she asks in a sickly-sweet tone. "I'll take lemonade." I reply, and I watch intently as she scribbles down my order.

Before I know it, Alice is gone. I look at my outfit. My blue tennis shoes with white laces, my grey Nike sweatpants, a black and white t-shirt, and my hair was pulled up into a ponytail.

Every Friday, after my basketball practice, I come to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. It's the same every time. Bike to school, learn, basketball practice, bike to Freddy's, eat, and go home.

I snap out of my random thought as Alice brings my lemonade. She pulls out a pink-colored straw and sticks it in. "What can I get you today?" she asks in a shivery tone as she's staring off somewhere. I follow her sight to the stage. The 3 colorful robots have set up on stage.

"Two slices of pizza, sausage please." She scribbles it down faster and runs away. What's wrong with her? I thought.

She must be new, I've never seen her.

Bonnie has his orange guitar gripped in his large purple hands. Chica is holding her cupcake, decorated in a smooth pink frosting and a striped candle. On the front, two googly eyes are stuck on it.

And then there's Freddy. He's holding his microphone in his right-paw. It appeared that Alice was afraid of Freddy most. 

My pizza gets set in front of me. Two thick and soft crusts, smothered in marinara sauce and covered with a blanket of gooey cheese that's sprinkled in a juicy sausage.

I let the words overflow my mind as I sink my teeth into the first greasy bite.

"How's it tastin-n-n?" Bonnie says behind me. I turn. "Good!" I reply back. "W-W-Want to come perform?" I nod. He leads me into some sort of room. And then he leaves. Bonnie comes back later with 5 more children.

"All set, Purp." he mutters to a yellow costume in the corner.

The costume stands straight and peers around. "Now children, the first step to you performing is of course, the costumes!" he rips off the head. 

Purple skin.

He grabs the first child and then swipes a Freddy costume from the shelves. Purple Guy picks up the child and then proceeds to shove him into the costume. Scratches cover his body.

Then the next child, then the next child. And until all the children are finished. And I'm left.

"Well, well well..... hello! We need to find you a costume!" he laughs. Purple Guy exits the room. "I must escape!" I think quickly.

My feet begin to move, and I burst through the door. Sprinting across the room, I dash out the front door and unclick my bike, casting the lock to a faraway area. I hop on my bike and race home, screeching into the garage.

Before I even walk in... the first thing I notice in the driveway, is a purple man staring at me with white eyes...

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