Hello guys! Another Blog Post here, this time i want to post my not-so-big-ass FNaF Timeline....


FFD: 60s-70s.

A new technology is being made: Animatronics.

The Animatronics have manual mode, can interact with the children, etc.

The Phone Guy leaves messages on the Phone, talking about the suit's manual mode, and sister locations.

Someday, Springtrap needs to be worn manually, and then it breaks, trapping, and possibly killing, an employee.

The same day, Phone Guy records the Phone Call in which he says that one of the suits malfunctioned, and should NOT be worn.

One day, possibly a week after the incident, a big company buys the Animatronics to replicate their technology and make them better. They fire a lot of employees, including Purple Guy, leaving him with revenge instincts, effect made by his Psychotical Problems and behavior.

First Freddy Fazbear's Pizza 65s-70s.

The Animatronics are finished being replicated, and Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy are functional and ready. Fredbear is left in the Parts and Service Room as a spare, and Springtrap is left in the saferoom, due to his malfunctioning Spring locks.

Purple Guy seeks for revenge, and kills a child in front of the Pizzeria, that would later possess the Puppet, while Freddy was forced to watch, helpless to do anything since his programming ordered to deliver cake.

The PIzzeria closes.

After some years, the CEO manages to somehow get a small fortune, and reopen the Pizzeria once again.

FNaF 2 198?-1987.

When the place opens, Purple Guy decides to kill more children in order to close the Pizzeria again. He got a job as a nighguard, and started his shift.

Purple Guy decides to switch to Day Shift after he reported the "Problems" to the CEO.

He tampers with the animatronics, so they wouldn't be able to recognize him if they saw him commit the murder.

Mangle somehow was there when it happened, and saw the killer leave.

After that, The Puppet stuffs the children's corpses in the Old Animatronics, to give them an opportunity to avenge their deaths.

Jeremy gets put into Day Shift.

Mangle, having his facial recognition messed with, couldn't recognize the murderer, except for the detail he was using a security badge, and aimed at poor Jeremy, who lost his frontal lobe.

Due to that incident, the pizzeria is forced to close, again.

The CEO decides to open the pizzeria again, with a smaller budget.

FNaF 1 1994-1994.

The pizzeria is opened again, and Purple Guy can't be hired because he was the responsible for the kids' murdered, as seen in camera evidence.

Phone Guy gets on his shift, and dies at the fourth night.

Mike gets on his shift, he gets fired at 7th night.

When the place closes, Purple Guy decides to dismantle the animatronics to end the franchise once and for all.

Purple Guy gets killed by the springlocks when hiding from the children's ghosts.

30 years later, Springtrap is found.

FNaF 3 2024?

The staff find Springtrap along with some instructional tapes to help new guards.

The unknown guard finishes his shift, and the Children's souls are freed.

In the meantime, Purple Guy's soul is still trapped in Springtrap, but some of the suits start to malfunction, and burn the whole place, only saving a little Freddy figurine... and Springtrap.

The end.

This information will be updated when FNaF 4 comes in.

If you have noted any flawls in my timeline, feel free to point them out, since i can correct them.

Tell me what you think in the comments! That's what they're for!


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