Hello, guys, another blog post.

Though this one isn't funny or explaining.

This is a serious blog post, and this is the more serious type of blog i could find, and BELIEVE ME, i looked at a lot of blog posts.

Okay, now jokes aside, i'm planning on leaving this Wikia, for many reasons:

  • FNaF 4: The main reason, i mean, why would Scott make a fourth one? We had a closing, we freed the childs, we know what happened to Purple Guy, we even know how it all started.
  • Lot of users leaving: Including some of my friends, and very well known people.
  • Wikia getting inactive: More or less the same than the one above, with the people leaving, one gets less originality in the forum posts, RPs, or theories are getting repetitive...
  • Chat closing down: Not so important, since i can chat in another one, but still a reason.

That's some of the reasons i'm planning to leave the Wikia.

Thank you for reading the post.

EDIT: In case of me leaving the Wikia, i will leave a link in my user page to another Wikia where i'm making the FPFNaF game, in case anyone is interested. WHile i decide what to do, i'm gonna still be active here.

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