Hey guys! Oh! it's...

You again...

Well, no matter, im making a- (time freezes)


I made a thread about this game, you will recieve more screenshots, and give me suggestions or crappy children's drawing.

This is the link!

(time unfreezes)

...king a First Person Five Nights at Freddy's ! (multiplayer)

It's being maked in unity, we're making a lot of progress and we are hoping to get you a beta soon   !(multiplayer is difficult, bare with me)

In case you don't actually believe me (comprehensible, but unacceptable) i have screenshots of the progress!

But first i want to state who the team is:

Nope. studios.

F(o?)under ------ Rebun123

Mapper ------ Rebun123

Programmer ----- Rebun123 and Jerem Fitzgerald.

Textureer ----- Chica Mcnuggets and BrokenReality

Scripter (dialogues, not actual coding, because no... the man can't do anything. Just kidding, you're actually good at this) ------ LogicalAnalyst47

We need:

Phone guy.

More Programmers.

Testers (no, not actually, just wanted to get your hopes up :P)

Images and progress.

First screenshot of the layout in WIP mode.

Second screenshot of the layout, finished.

Normal hallway, 50% finished (i know the textures are missing tiles, and some are upside down, but they're now fixed)

Rules of safety (if i found the textureer that inserted a stanley parable reference...)

Music box, same texture as the puppet's box (As i said, textures are WIP)

Game area (this is sooooooo WIP, it's sooo WIP that you can smell it)

Prize corner (Puppet, stop being so pulp fiction)

Suggestions? Ideas? something? textures? feel free to comment!

Oh, BTW, if you want to contribute in this project, send me a crappy children's drawing WITH YOUR NAME AT THE BOTTOM, if you're lucky, your drawing will appear in the game!

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