Hello guys! This exact blogspot marks my edit number 4000!

And yes, it has been great for me here. This community is awesome as this Wikia, and i hope i can still be here.

Oh, you want shouts? I'll give you shouts.

To Lochnessotter499, for making really original roleplays.

To Mangledmeddlingmetal, for being a great artist and roleplayer.

To TheBaldEagle, a great Admin, and before that, a great Anti-Vandalizer.

To TazDaWolf, for actually having sense in his theories (Plus, i stole some of his profile page coding to improve mine)

To Didn'tMangleBeheadYou, for also having sense in his theories.

To Psychobilly, for keeping this Wikia in order for a long time.

To Vern, for originally making it

To LogicalAnalyst, Great scripter, and roleplayer.

To Aki~lucky , for being a supportive and Optimistic user.

To Yommiao, for her Mogekos.

To PierrotEclipse, for her love to RPG maker games.

To HugeClockTowerFan, for his good voice making skills, and being a friendly user.

To Jillips Entertainment, for his sense of humour.

And to many other people that joined me during Roleplays, Discussions, games, Debates, and more.

Thank you guys, if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't be here.

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