Yeah, why can't i? if you wanted to see the perspective of someone fighting in the battlefield, or in someone's side, then GET OUT.


Oh, you are still here? okay, let's start:

So, it was a lovely day in the pizzeria, and nothing was going on.

And then BUM! from all the sudden, things began exploding, and a lot of things came out from a portal, and then like a lot of ants, wolves, and ant wolves began to emerge from it.

In the other side i saw some soldiers made from raw meat, or something, i dunno.

Well, i didn't want to get in a fight, so i got into my house and decided to get some sleep.

After a long nap that i thought it took like 3 years, i got up and saw how the battle was going.

There was a LOT, believe me, a LOT, of dead soldiers, if you can call those things soldiers.

Then at dawn, two guys left the army to fight each other, i think it was like some dude with power armor, and another guy that was wearing a suit made by lady gaga.

And then something of the sky fell over, like some floor made of raw meat fell over to those guys, crushing them. Well, at least the war was over, but then some crazy guy with giant golden scissors came out, and started to laugh.

I didn't actually care, so i went to sleep some more. When i woke up the same crazy dude built some kind of city made of meat and concrete, and the laughs could echo from far away.

Well, still didn't care, it wasn't a huge deal, he isn't near my house, and i don't think he can take over the world. Nah, he can't.

But then like a lot of things came by my house, some spiders, or ants, i dunno, made of meat approached me and destroyed my house, and left me unconsious. 

When i woke up for the third time, i saw those two weird guys from the first time, even more crazy than before and they were fighting all of those demons. Suddenly some kind of meteorite fell, and for reasons, it only killed the demons. Then there was some sky climbing, i think, and explosions, and why not a fliying man with golden scissors that was 8 feet tall. But guess what? the man died. and guess why?

Because of a damn BLANKET, all of those efforts to kill the ruler of the world, and a damn BLANKET killed him. Well, didn't mattered, because everything exploded, except for me and my house, and the two crazy dudes. Still didn't mattered, because i got to my house, closed the curtains, and went to sleep, i was really tired.

                                                      -The End-

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