Balloon Boy. He is, without a doubt, the most hated animatonic in the Five Nights At Freddy's franchise. Everyone hates him, and many think that he's nothing but a hallucination, seeint that Phone Guy never tells you anything about him, dispite the fact that he tells you about all of the animatronics. A theory has been floating around that BB isn't even real, but what if I told you that you're wrong? Rayden Haslyn here with yet another Five Nights At Freddy's theory. This time, we will be talking about Balloon Boy and how he's actually real, but the BB we see is the hallucination. Allow me to explain.

On one of the Custom Nights, it is possible to unlock this BB figurine when you complete Freddy's Circus. Now notice the detail on the figurine. He's all happy and cheery, but his nose is round, whereas BB's nose is triangular. Scott counldn't have forgotten to change just one simple detail. Also, the drawings in the official trailer for Five Nights At Freddy's 2. But the BB in the drawings is different. He has a blue hat and different color eyes. Pink eyes to be exact.  Now think about that when I show you this next picture. This is, as the fans have dubbed it, Balloon Girl. She has pink eyes, a blue hat, and is said to be a hallucination that will appear under the desk in the office. Balloon Girl more closely resembles the BB we see in the drawings made by the children instead of the BB that freaking keeps turning off our lights. (Pain in the ass if you ask me.) What if this is the reall Balloon Boy, and the one we see walking around is the hallucination. I mean, it makes sense. BB loses his balloon and his sign when he's in the vents, but magically gets them back in the office. The fact that he gets into the vents without being seen passing through the three or four other rooms to get there is a mystery within itself. Plus, the buttons on his shirt change color. They're black in the game room, but white when he enters your office. He's the only animatronic that doesn't attack you, doesn't have an endoskeleton, or moves period. And how does he turn off the lights? You're holding the flashlight and there's no direct power sorce in the office, so how does he do that? He's the only animatronic that can speck human words, such as "Hi" and "Hello". He laughs like a small child, smiles like a small child, and he embarks the fear of being afraid of the dark.
What if Balloon you? What if the dinner brings back memories of your childhood and your subconscience is projects this younger version of you in the form of Balloon Boy. It mixes the animatronic with your own visions, creating the BB that we see. But because it's night, being the time that children fear the most, he takes your darkest fear as a kid and makes it reality. He makes you afraid of the dark so that the monster so that the monsters can creep in. It's just one big recreation of your darkest fears as a child now coming back as you're an adult.
I mean, he is seen in the Game Room, but maybe that's just a statue that doesn't move. Explains why BB is always in that position. But hey, that's just my opinion. You guys can come up with your own theories and I will see you next time.

~Haslyn out

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