I'm honestly pretty excited, however, one thing bothers me about this:

The fanbase is going to act like idiots throughout the whole thing. Yeah, there's good parts of the fanbase, but the majority will be screaming things like "OMFG FOXY I LOVE YOU XD PEWDS AND MARKIPLIER PLAYED THIS GAME!!!", or singing those annoying fansongs. However, if anyone is reading this, please don't be that type of person when the movie is released.

Anywho, I hope they don't rely on CGI for the animatronics, and I hope Scott gets full sayso in the production. And no 3D. Otherwise it will just rely on the 3D work and feel gimmicky. Also, as for the directors, I'm somewhat fine with them, but I think that they should have gotten other directors to direct the film. Roy Lee is fine since he made Poltergiest, but the others have only made "meh" quality films.

I hope that the film turns out great!

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