First of all, please note that I love this series. From it's dark atmosphere and unique concept to it's subtlety and story. However, I feel that maybe it should have stayed with one game, or at the very least waited a while before releasing the sequels. Why is that, you may ask? Well, first off, I feel so sorry for Scott since he has to put up with people saying rude remarks about the game being a dead horse. Plus, 60% of the fanbase is just little 12 year olds, sadly. Another reason is because the game became Pewdiebait. Youtubers milk this game nonstop, which in turn gives it unnecessary bad press to some people. Sometimes, it's good to just release one game, and just wait a bit longer before releasing another one. Otherwise, it might lose it's phenomonal and unique feel to it, and end up becoming a Call of Duty cash grab. What I think would have been wise was instead of Scott releasing 2 more games, was just adding the games as episodes in free updates. The sequels are fun, but they don't expand too much.

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