Ok guys, I have just learned that ther are blogs, so i am reposting my forum investigations and questions on the blog. Sorry for spaming you guys, but I am new to wikia. All my further theories, provided by they will be thought good enough will be posted as the blog posts. 

Yes, I have finaly have all the pieces to say I "know" what the hat.jpg means.

Now for those who do not know what picture I'm talking about it's the one Scott curently has posted on his website :

From the ery beggining there was SOMETHING bugging me about this picutre. And after staring it for long enough I have realized, that this hat is TOO BLACK notice that Freddy Fazbears hat, is actually Black and grey, it looks like a cow with the mashup of colors, and this is visible even when Freddy is standing in darkness. Check any of the pictures of freddy, you will see black hat with grey areas on it.

But the hat we see on the site, is plain black. At first I thought that it's simple the matter of lighting here. But then I tarted to wonder where did Shadow Freddy / Spring Freddy dissapear, and saw a YouTube video hinted me to this conclusion. 

I have noticed that Freddy Fazzbear is NOT THE ONLY ONE to wear the TOPHAT , after few second of looking though google images, I found what I wanted. Fully lit "shadow" freddy from FNAF2

Just as I expected it was Purple Freddy all along, but there is one huge thing that I noticed. Shadow/Purple/Spring Freddy, no matter how you call it wears PITCH BLACK TOPHAT

Also - as seen in FNAF 3

ojz2BBM.png  <--- Definetly pitch black hat

The hat.jpg shows the hat of Purple Freddy, not Freddy Fazbears hat!

Edit 03.08.2015

It is also possible that The hat does belong to golden Freddy instead, though it's less likely, as we have ony seen golden freddy use Black tophat in fnaf2, where the suit was repaired and his hat replaced with cow texture hat by the time Fnaf1 took place.

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