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  • RTUchiha

    Okay, so we all know that FNAF2 is now proven to (theoretically) be a precursor to the events of FNAF1. Let's talk about the major points that prove this, including some I've thought about myself.

    - The cost. Remember, they spent a fortune on renovating the entire pizza place, including plenty of power, flashlights, new areas, and most importantly, getting the new Toy animatronics, which were a major part of the budget. When the place was closed down for investigations, these Toy animatronics were (possibly) also confiscated for possible evidence. And since they had to relocate due to unpopular opinion, the company had to work with their budget (which by now is very small), which is why the place in FNAF1 looks very run-down & you need to c…

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  • RTUchiha

    Something I noticed...

    August 25, 2014 by RTUchiha

    Whilst I was grabbing new images of Bonnie & Chica, I noticed something very peculiar they were rendered.

    So, I took to Photoshop, and "merged" both images of their Dining Hall appearances. This was the result. What do you guys think of it?

    EDIT: The reason for this picture was to show that Chica looks much bigger than Bonnie in the Dining Hall renders. I see this as an oversight by Scott when he was rendering the appearances.

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