everybody knows the FNaF 3 cameras but we know that they don´t have an official name:im here to put it names:
CAM 09
CAM 08
CAM 07
  1. cam 01-exit 1 
  2. cam 09-main hall
  3. cam 08-chica´s head room
  4. cam 07-video screen room
  5. cam 06-
    File:CAM 06 Screen On.png
    videogame room
  6. cam 05-videogame hall
    CAM 05
  7. cam 04-foxy´s head room
  8. cam 03-corner
    CAM 04
    CAM 02 Light On
  9. cam 02-bonnie hall
    CAM 03
  10. cam 01-exit 2
CAM 10

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