I'm sick and tired of people thinking fan songs for FNAF are canon, and bashing the creators of the song for slight differences in ONE animatronic name, referring to an animatronic with a different gender pronoun, all that jazz. I'm tired of it!

Point 1.Edit

Fan-songs are just that. FAN songs. They will virtually NEVER be canon! The reason this pisses me off is because people will actually yell at others who say "This isn't canon, it's a fan-created song.. and all that stuff...So yeah.

Point 2.Edit

Adding to the above point. If someone refers to, let's say, Mangle, as a female, or Chica as Chika...Is it your right to interfere? No! It's their song/FNAF-related creation, and not yours!

Yeah..I needed to get this out. Comment what you think!

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