I want to talk about the identity of the purple guy. The one with white pupils. He is in the third game. And he is killed as seen in the night 5 minigame. But there is a strange thing - there are only 5 children there and if you do the good ending they will finally rest in peace and the pizzeria will not be haunted anymore (or atleast not with the children). There have been 11 children killed in the storyline however so why are there only 5 shown in the minigame? If you read my previous theories (Murders and murderers, Why the phone guy is the murderer of the puppet and 5 missing children), you probably already know what I mean.

I wrote that the phone guy is the murderer of the puppet and five missing children and so because he died, 6 of the children can finally rest in peace (five missing children, the puppet). But what about those 5 children that were killed in FNaF2? They are still waiting for the death of the second purple man (the one with white pupils). Or they WERE still waiting. They have managed to make him use the golden bunny animatronic as a suit, but as it was not safe, the springlock failed and the purple man died. Some of the evidence that it was the purple man is that when he kills you, you do not get stuffed in a suit. (weird is that your game does not crash but I think that Scott just didn't want the game to crash all the time).

And who is the purple man? I have explained that the phone guy is the first purple guy but who is the purple guy with the white dots? The answer is not that hard to find out - he is the dayshift guard who worked in the "new and improved" Freddy fazbear's pizzeria before Jeremy Fitzgerald.

What facts support this? Well first the purple man has a badge, and on night 6, phone guy says "wear your uniform". The badge is probably a part of that uniform.

Second, the guy seems to be pretty eager to get the job of a night guard as he was the first one to work there. In the end of the week he complained about conditions and so they switched him over to dayshift. Then, after he commited the murder, he left. On night 5, phone guy says "...we will switch you over to dayshift, a position has just became... available..." implying that the murderer left.

This big theory might be completely wrong, as there are some flaws, but just as I come to another theory that fixes them, more flaws appear.

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