This is my idea for Fnaf 4, which is set in fredbears family diner

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Fredbear’s Family Diner

Characters: SpringBonnie, Fredbear, Haunted Foxy, Prototype Chica, Purple Guy

Location: Fredbear’s Family Diner

When: 1986

Diffuculty of Animatronics: (1-100)

Night 1: SpringBonnie- 14 Fredbear-20 Haunted Foxy- 9 Prototype Chica- 0 Purple Guy- 0

Night 2: SpringBonnie- 25 Fredbear- 30 Haunted Foxy-20 Prototype Chica- 10 Purple Guy- 5

Night 3: SpringBonnie- 50 Fredbear- 40 Haunted Foxy- 30 Prototype Chica- 45 Purple Guy- 10

Night 4: SpringBonnie- 70 Fredbear 55 Haunted Foxy- 45 Prototype Chica- 60 Purple Guy- 15

Night 5: SpringBonnie 85 Fredbear- 75 Haunted Foxy- 70 Prototype Chica- 80 Purple Guy- 50

Night 6: SpringBonnie- 95 Fredbear- 85 Haunted Foxy 80 Prototype Chica: 95 Purple Guy: 100

Custom Night

Night 1 Phone call:Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ring “Hello?” “Oh hi, welcome to your first night as a nightguard at Fredbear’s Family Diner! I am Jeremy Fitzgerald! We have everything to get you started! Uh, we’ve got you a camera system, so you can tell where, uh, they… are. We got a rebooting system if, stuff fails I guess. Uh, now to talk about the animatronics, we got this Golden bunny, I personally call it, SpringBonnie. Then theres that yellow bear, FredBear, and if the uh, ventilation system fails, then you can see some, crazy things! But whatever you do, make as little noise as you can, they, uh, like entertaining the kids, so they go to the nearest noise that has being emitted. We are also starting a new project called, Chica, but that isn’t finished yet, yeah… Well I can’t talk too long, because its midnight, and I need to sleep so, uh, I hope you survive, seriously though, really don’t make much noise. So ill talk to you tomorrow, goodnight!”

Night 2 Phone call: Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ring “Hello? This is Fritz Smith speaking.” “Hey Fritz! Throught the day, Chica was finished, so this Is mainly talking about it, yeah. Chica will stay in the parts and service, so check there more often, or, she’ll come for you, and you, *chuckle* don’t want that, too happen. Be sure to check the monitor, seriously. “Why?” “Oh, ya know, because of the animatronics. Oh yeah, that reminds me, we’ve had reports on this, thing, a purple figure. If you see it, we might have to… shut down. And move locations, just to be sure. Anyway goodnight! Don’t die!” “That’s sure cheerful.”

Night 3 Phone call: Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ring “Yeah?” “Your third night, things are getting serious, we needa talk about the purple figure, more encounters have been reported, so, if you encounter him, put that mask on. The mask, only tricks the purple figure, we’re pretty sure. Don’t try it on the others, just don’t. Uh, I got a meeting tomorrow, so I need some sleep, goodnight!”

Night 4 Phone call. Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ring “Hello?” “Hi. We have located the purple figure’s, hiding spot. The room he’s in was planned to be the arcade, but we decided to change it, yeah. We installed the camera there, and didn’t remove it. If you check the camera, youll occasionally see, Purple Guy, as the staff call him. Some kids have once ripped off the boards of the arcade room, and seen one of the characters we used on the first day. On that first day customers claimed that it was, *gulp* haunted. Reports say that it is orange, in mint condition, uh… has glowing white eyes, and, floats in mid-air. We call it, Haunted Foxy. Well that’s all I really wanted to talk about, goodnight.”

Night 5 Phone call: Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ring “What?” “Sorry for distracting you in a, difficult time, Purple Guy, has, killed… someone. Chances are you aren’t going to make out alive.*knock knock knock* Who is it? *Groaning* Uh… You? Aren’t you supposed to be at…” “*Suspense croaky whisper* You. Need. To. DIE! *Screeching*”

Night 6 Phone call: Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ring “Jeremy?” “Oh, Jeremy, we had his funeral today. Purple Guy killed him.” “What!?” “Yeah I know, but I’m Mike Schmidt. I’ll take the role of Jeremy. Yesterday, Purple Guy killed someone else in the, a kid. Again. It seems like he’s getting, angrier throught the week.” “Yeah, I’ve been noticing that. Last night, Purple Guy didn’t come near me, until, Jeremy got attacked. Then he started.” “Yeah, well I better go, good luck!”

Night 7 Phone call: Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ring “You’re fired, you were caught today on camera. Tampering with them. I didn’t want to fire you, you were so good. But I had too, bye.” “Oh, okay.”

Design for SpringBonnie: Resembled too: Springtrap (fnaf 3)

Design for Fredbear: Resembled too: Withered Freddy(fnaf 2)

Design for Haunted Foxy: Resembled too: Foxy (not ripped up) (fnaf 1)

Design for Prototype Chica: Resembled too: Withered Chica (fnaf 2)

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