Heres my fixed idea from:

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Fredbear’s Family Diner

Characters: SpringBonnie, Fredbear, Haunted Foxy, Prototype Chica

Location: Fredbear’s Family Diner

When: 1987

Diffuculty of Animatronics: (1-100)

Night 1: SpringBonnie- 14 Fredbear-20 Haunted Foxy- 9 Prototype Chica- 0

Night 2: SpringBonnie- 25 Fredbear- 30 Haunted Foxy-20 Prototype Chica- 10

Night 3: SpringBonnie- 50 Fredbear- 40 Haunted Foxy- 30 Prototype Chica- 45

Night 4: SpringBonnie- 70 Fredbear 55 Haunted Foxy- 45 Prototype Chica- 60

Night 5: SpringBonnie 85 Fredbear- 75 Haunted Foxy- 70 Prototype Chica- 80

Night 6: SpringBonnie- 95 Fredbear- 85 Haunted Foxy 80 Prototype Chica: 95

Custom Night

Night 1 Phone call: “Hello? Hello? Well if you’re hearing this, then you took the job at Fredbear’s Family Diner! Uh, not the best job you can have, but, atleast its something! So all you really need to do, is watch the animatronics. On that note, I’ll tell you who we have, we have this yellow bunny, SpringBonnie. Then this yellow bear, Fredbear, and this other one we’ve been making, Chica. Its not finished, still need to do lots of programming. Anyway, by now you must’ve seen the monitor, right? Well that’s used to tell where they are, our other location, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, we have had reports of, animatronic failure, so watch out. We have also installed a Maintenance Panel, to reboot any systems that may go offline. Which they will. Anyway, we have installed a ventilation system just to keep the air flowing, so you don’t die. But, the animatronics to wonder not just in the diner, but in the vents too, so that’s why we installed trapdoors infront of the vents that lead to your office, but they only go down long enough to make them crawl out the vents, not in your office of course. There is something else you need to worry about, this other one, that our other location had, but gave it to us, Foxy, it was described to be haunted, and its In that room with the arcade. No one can actually enter that room, Its boarded off, yeah. Well that’s all you really need to know on this first night, so I hope you survive, goodnight!”

Night 2 Phone call: “Hello? If you’re hearing this, then you survived! Great job! We had a meeting today, about Chica, she won’t be moved to the stage until next week, she’ll stay in the parts and service. I forgot to tell you about the door, we don’t want to have high electricity bills, it’s only able to close if an animatronic is near it, otherwise It wont be able to close. You probably already discovered that. Chica is all up and running and she’ll be moving around. I also forgot to tell you the reason why the animatronics move around at night. It’s because, well, they’ll wear out if they don’t move around, they’ll rust I guess. Also, the reason they, come to you is because, if they don’t hear anything, then they’re in the wrong room. And the only place noise is coming from, is the office, the mechanics haven’t got as far as programming them so they realise that at night people aren’t allowed in the diner. So they’ll just come up to your face and stare, but this is for some reason, scary, and you die. Very unfortunate. That’s why there’s the doors and vent trapdoors. Our other location told us that they’re animatronics are up to date, and think that humans, are endo skeletons, and try and stuff them into a costume. Apparently, this golden bunny suit, like ours. But theirs is wrecked. Anyway, I hope you survive, goodnight.”

Night 3 Phone call: “Well done! Night 3, now to mainly talk about Haunted Foxy. Apparently our other location had plans to make Foxy his own place, Pirate Cove, but got scrapped, they didn’t tell us why. That’s why Foxy wear’s an eyepatch and has a hook. Not much to talk about with Foxy. Hey, our day guard, that’s what we like to call him, came and swapped around with you, and they have been seeing you ripping off the boards of the cancelled arcade room and gone into to play the arcade for a bit. And he heard you saying, this purple guy is annoying, but he does murder, and that sounds cool. That’s just uncool man, anyway, not much to talk about, goodnight!”

Night 4 Phone call: “Congratulations! Hey, the day guard told us again that you went back in the arcade room and played again. This time he told us that you said, this purple guy is cool, im going to turn him into a reality, and im going to be him. Don’t do that, or I’ll call the cops on you, seriously. I also am quitting my job, ive had enough, I barely get even paid. Someone will be replacing me so, yeah. Bye bye now, lets stay in touch though, I left a note in the office with my number. Goodnight.”

Night 5 Phone call: “Hello, I have been told by the old guy, that this job is bad, but I need a job so yeah. Just to let you know I’m strict. And I have set up a camera in the office, so I can see what you are doing. I need you to do these exact things! One, destroy Haunted Foxy! Two, get inside SpringBonnie! Three, burn Fredbear! And four, set bombs in the diner. Then youll have another set of tasks tomorrow! I swear, if you don’t do those things, I’ll fire you! Badnight soldier!

Night 6 Phone call: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I’m so angry! You didn’t even do one, except get inside SpringBonnie! And I hope you’re still in the costume! Now, you are really getting on the company’s nerves! You KILLED 5 kids yesterday, you led them into the arcade, and guess what? You were wearing the costume! We’re gonna go bankrupt! And on top of that, you continued to play in the arcade, playing that stupid purple guy video game! AAAAAAAAAA! One more fault in this, and you’re fired! Your tasks are to, KILL YOURSELF, and if you don’t, then I personally will kill you! I hope you die!”

Night 7 Phone call: “I am going to kill you, and youre fired! AND you were still playing the video game! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! You derserve to die! Burn and rot in hell!”

Design for SpringBonnie: Resembled too: Springtrap (fnaf 3)

Design for Fredbear: Resembled too: Withered Freddy(fnaf 2)

Design for Haunted Foxy: Resembled too: Foxy (not ripped up) (fnaf 1)

Design for Prototype Chica: Resembled too: Withered Chica (fnaf 2)

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