• PhantomKysan

    There comes a time in all of our lives when we stop and think....."hey it's time to put on a mask and record myself getting scared half to death for the amusement of other people....right?" Either way thats essentIally whats going on here!

    Hi! I'm the Phantom Gamer, and if you're reading this you're one cool dude/dudette (seriously though). When i first delved into the world of five nights at freddys i didnt think i would last much more than 10 minutes of straight game play before I ran away crying. The truth wasn't completely far off to be honest.... By the time the 3rd game graced my presence I was ready to set off on my long time ambition of making lets-play videos! I am delighted that FNAF3 could be along my first ever play throughs! Bu…

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