Yeah that's right...


Everything went better and quicker than expected. This is my 2000th edit, folks !

So, let's resume, shall we? In my last celebration post, I said :

"I promise I'll be far more active in the coming weeks than lately, and I planned some good stuff to do:

  • More roleplays !
  • More drawings ! I'm atually making a big one, featuring all my friends on the wiki, and I'll need their help. So dear fellows, I'll ask you things ! THINGS ! ALOTTAFINGZ !
  • Profile updating ! I'll add new people on my friend's list and probably some new fancy things :D
  • I'll end this blog !

Wait. Will I ever keep all these promises?! "

Well, let's have a look at this :

  • Well, I tried my best, but I think things went pretty well...
  • Oh hell yeah it was good ! After a few spoilers, a blog post, some delays, I finally managed to make it ! For those who don't understand what it is all about (that bass), check my profile, section "Art !" ! :D
  • Fanciness indeed. I stole a few lines of codes, added a colorful background, tabs and... Other things that haven't been discovered yet ! What I am proud of is mostly my "Friends !" and "Art !" tabs.
  • Nope. Still not. :T

But speaking of friends, I would like to thanks all the people I know for making it possible ! They are all amazing, and everyday I see them is a bright day that keep me up in this Wiki. So thanks to Marionetta for having kept on with my sillyness for five entire months. I love you.

An enormous shout out to Mangledmeddlingmetal, who is clearly my favourite Goddess. I lack of words to describe how much you changed me.

Kirby? No, Queen Kirby ! Guardian of Secrets, and code scrambler. You are amazing, keep on dreaming, dear. ;)

A cute yap for Aki~lucky, famous goddess of cuteness ! You deserve me, do I deserve you? :3

I would hand over a Silver Sempai to Animetrex, who once again proves how much she is the most social being on heart. Wait, wasn't it supposed to be Earth? Shut the Faz up, Para !

Good Demopan, I'd give you a chocolate statue of a Demopan. Because. I have chocolate.

Love you like you do, Rebun. I iz sad under your porch.

I'd like to thanks MangleTheBiter (Mangle III) as well, I consider you as a friend. Yep.

Someone could help me giving a Golden Fan to my favourite Night Guard? No? Okay I'll do it myself. Here you are !

I wouldn't forget SalamanderCmndr, Defi, LochNessOtter, Mr. Mark Twain, and a newcomer Nordschleifer, that I have the chance to encounter frequently. They deserve to be here as well. I might have forgot some of them, but hey. Ain't nobody got time for write such a long blog post ! :T

All the admins should be thanked everytime they make an edit. Like, really, they keep this Wiki the most attractive they can, and it seems to work for me. :D

As my final (lel) word, I'd like to say that it'll be a bit more difficult for me to keep on rp'ing that much, and also that for this special occasion, I'll remind that I opened ONE request for someone (only wikia editor, not animatronics. I need ideas to draw him/her/them, though.) to be in the boat with all the people I have already drawn.

To stay fair, you can't vote for yourself. One vote per person, and tell who you would like to see on the Wiki ship below ! :D

Have fun everyone, I wish you to.

MMMmmmmabye ! :3

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