... My name is Paradox.XXIV, better known as... Paradox.

Well, hallow there everyone ! Are you a friend, a stalker, a troll, an admin or just someone who's passing by the most recent blog posts? I greet ya anyway !

This is not an usual post about a new theory, a debate about Mangle's gender nor a blog about Freddy's hat, nor even about TLT's new song.

Oh Sieg hell no it isn't !

It's my 1000th post !

And as an exceptional post, I'll just start with thanking everyone who helped me getting through the story of the Wiki this time. I hope they'll all recognize themselves, cuz there's a bunch of'em !

A warm, firm, sweet, fluffy hug to all my friends ! ... And a waffle !

A big shout out to the admins, either they are past, present, lost, new, coming back, or to everyone who contributed to make this Wiki a better place ! The job here is amazing, and I can assure you, who are reading this silly post, that the Wiki isn't nothing, and is in fact pretty famous !

For those who already know me, I'm just a small user who likes to help people with all the might I have, and someone once considered me as one of the most well known editors of this wiki. I don't know if he was right, but I never let a chance to someone I know to let him/her/itself go through hard times, and that's what makes me wake up everyday. I give him an handshake.

To all the people I've encountered in the (now gone) chat, I give a hug. Yep, even you, Rebun&Pab. :3

A last thank to someone who's been really quick on this wiki, and also someone who had brightened the day/evening/night of a lot of wikiers: the unique Really Far Away Guy Yelling Compliments ! He is a great example of modesty and kindness. I try to be as good he is.

I promise I'll be far more active in the coming weeks than lately, and I planned some good stuff to do:

  • More roleplays !
  • More drawings ! I'm atually making a big one, featuring all my friends on the wiki, and I'll need their help. So dear fellows, I'll ask you things ! THINGS ! ALOTTAFINGZ !
  • Profile updating ! I'll add new people on my friend's list and probably some new fancy things :D
  • I'll end this blog !

Wait. Will I ever keep all these promises?!

At least, one? ... Yep. One. The last one. I have the regret (not zero, regrets xD) to say to y'all that the end of this annoying and silly and long and exhausting (for you and me !) post, and I'll end it as I always end my big posts, wishing you the best :

Mmmmmabye ! :D

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