I know how many of you have been wondering about a certain question, such as the true revelations and identities of the two shadow animatronics. All of your questions answered in the following blog post.

Shadow Animatronics

We have always wondered about these two mysterious hallucinations. They seem paranormal, unlike the other animatronics. Some people say that Shadow Bonnie is Springtrap, and they are slightly correct.


You see, there are only TWO suits that have been confirmed to have some kind of spring variant. Bonnie and Freddy. However, these suits had both killed people due to faulty spring-locks.

Notice how I said BOTH.

Phone Guy's night four training tape mentions a spring-lock faliure at a sister location. However, Springtrap is not mentioned. Spring Freddy must be the appropiate culprit.

Also, one of the largest overlooked details on Purple Guy's death in the End-of-night minigames is that, in every single minigame, it is raining. Drops are leaking from the roof. Phone Guy mentions that moisture can weaken the spring-locks, and so, the reason of Purple Guy's death was breathing on the heavily-moist spring locks. With the fact the Purple Guy died in the Spring Bonnie suit, it should be obvious that whoever was in Spring Freddy must have died as well. Also, one of the most debated reasons of why Shadow Bonnie is NOT Toy Bonnie is because of the absence of buck teeth. Springtrap has a similar teeth structure to Shadow Bonnie.

Shadow Toy Bonnie

Shadow Bonnie

Extra Springtrap 2


If you are thinking that Shadow Bonnie is a representation of Springtrap, you're getting closer. Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy are the spirits of whoever died in the two spring suits. This would mean that Springtrap is, in fact, independant and NOT controlled by Purple Guy's spirit. That leaves another question for another time.

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