Hey guys, this is my first blog post, so basically, I'm going to go over the theories I have. To start with, this is my theory on the multiple killers. Here is the link if ever you want to visit the forum...

Anyways here is my theory:

Purple Person

Pink Man

Pink Man: Pre-1970's - ? (Given death penalty)

The Pink Man was the killer responsible for the Puppet child's murder at Fredbear's and the original missing children incident. He is seen in two FNaF2 minigames, both in "Take Cake to the Children" and "Foxy Minigame". He is the man mentioned in the article that was caught on camera and convicted the morning after the incident.

Identity: Unknown

Purple Guy Walk South Gif

Purple Man

Purple Man: Pre-1970's - 2023? (Died in Springtrap)

The Purple Man was the killer responsible for the second missing children incident. He is seen in five FNaF3 minigames, played after Nights 1-5. He later is killed inside of Sprngtrap.

Identity: Jeremy Fitzergald (reasons stated below)

Purple man

Violet Man

Violet Man: Pre-1970's - 1993? (Killed by animatronics)

The Violet Man was responsible for hiding evidence and covering up the second missing children incident, although he didn't kill them. He wanted to save the company. He is seen in the FNaF2 "Save Them" minigame.

Identity: Phone Guy (reasons stated below)

I beleive that my theory makes quite a bit of sense.

The original murderer, Pink Man, was probably a psychopath (smiling at dead bodies), and killed a total of six children, but wasn't smart enough to cover it up (we know this because of the fact that he let the child's blood get on his car, and he didn't leave after killing the five other children). He was convicted. I believe that his identity is unknown, because of the fact that he was convicted, meaning he couldn't have been around during the games. That means he's someone we don't know. Perhaps Scott will shed some light on this if he decides to make another game, explaining why he put the hexcolor code "ee82ee" which is the color of the Pink Man sprite, in the hat teaser.

Then, a couple of years later, Purple Man (Jeremy) shows up, and gets a job at the FNaF2 restaurant. He wants to discredit the company, so he copies the MO of the original killer, and kills 5 more children. However, he is bitten by Mangle (Bite of '87) and loses his frontal lobe.

Meanwhile, a desperate Phone Guy (Violet Man), cleans up the evidence of there ever being a second murder, so the company doesn't get in trouble (we know that Violet Man had to be working at the FNaF2 restaurant at the time, and that would explain why the object in his hand resembles a phone). That would explain why Purple Man isn't caught.

A couple of years later, the animatronics found out that Violet Man tried to deny the children their justice and let their killer roam free, so they gang up and kill him (Death of Phone Guy).

Then, Jeremy gets out of the hospital, and remembers nothing but the desire to kill (a damaged frontal lobe could cause loss of memory, and loss of good judgement). He finds a way to lure the animatronics into the safe room and dismantles them, hoping to rebuild a costume to aid on his kiling spree (Springtrap). Nothing happens since the original spirits moved on when Pink Man was put on Death Row. However, the spirits of the children Jeremy killed corner him, and force him into his not-yet ready Springtrap suit. He laughs, thinking he has won (loss of good judgement), and is killed by the faulty suit. The last of the kids move on, and Jeremy is left to haunt Springtrap.

So that was my first blog post about my theory, hope you guys enjoyed!

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