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    Amusement Blog post 2

    April 16, 2015 by Old Supply

    Hello everyone, its Old supply, back with some charecters. so without further a do, its time for some of the not so main charecters.

    1. Toy Springtrap: Yes, there is a toy springtrap in my game. the original springtrap belongs to scott cawthon. again he is in the donated section of the game.
    2. Claw Machine: A golden version version of Cheeto
    3. Tropical budgie: A old Budgie suit that is used for special ocasions.

    Sorry for such a short post. be expecting pictures of the charecters. bye for now. And keep on preserving door power my freinds.

    Old Supply (talk) 19:35, April 16, 2015 (UTC)Old SupplyOld Supply (talk) 19:35, April 16, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Old Supply

    Amusement Game Blog

    April 11, 2015 by Old Supply

    Hello Everone, and welcome to my blog. here, you will see previews, charecters, And news about my new fnaf and phobia based game,  Amusement. today I will be talking about the Main charecters. note that some charecters belong to scott cawthon, and will be labeled donated in game. now, lets get oon with the show.

    1. Toy/Junk Budgie: Toy Budgie is retrofitted with the most advanced technology money could buy. Junk Budgie is from and older location, and is used for parts on Toy Budgie
    2. Toy/Slow Cheeto: Like Toy budgie, Toy Cheeto is retrofitted. Slow cheeto is the same as Junk Budgie.
    3. Toy/Dead Darcy: Toy Darcy was compleatly remodeled to look more feamale. Dead arcy is unactive most of the game, heance the name dead darcy, but will activate later on i…
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