Are you mixed up all day? Do kids constantly pound your robotic parts? Hi, Billy Balloon Boy here for the world's greatest gel, Un-Mangle Gel! Why am I letting myself get torn apart by kids? So I can show you the amazing protection I get from Un-Mangle Gel! If you have mangled robotic parts, Un-Mangle Gel fixes them and relieves pain! I'm going to run over myself with this 6,000-pound car! That's the protection of Un-Mangle Gel!

Call now and get a pair of Un-Mangle Gel bottles for only $19.87! Call now and we'll double the offer! That's right, you get 4 bottles of Un-Mangle Gel, a $90 value, just for $19.87!

Must be 18 years old older to order.Edit

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